Certified evaluation and accreditation was introduced in 2004, as a new national evaluation scheme, to contribute to the further development of Japanese higher education. Organizations which undertake this scheme must fulfill the concept and function required by law, but has the discretion to develop original strategies for their quality assurance arrangements. Consequently, the criteria and methods vary. At present, there are 15 certified evaluation and accreditation organizations, including NIAD-QE, in all of Japan.

NIAD-QE is certified as an evaluation and accreditation organization of universities, colleges of technology and law schools by the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT). NIAD-QE establishes different standards and methodologies for universities, colleges of technology and law schools, based upon which it conducts evaluations. The following is the overview of NIAD-QE's certified evaluation and accreditation of universities.

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