The Committee for Certified Evaluation and Accreditation of Universities is constituted as the body which is responsible for the process of evaluation and accreditation. The Committee comprises academics from national, municipal/prefectural and private universities, as well as experts from various fields in society, industry, and culture. Subcommittees for Certified Evaluation and Accreditation are set up under the Committee to carry out the evaluation process for individual universities and are tailored to the characteristics of the universities under evaluation. The Subcommittees comprises evaluators from among academics and experts in various fields, appointed based on the condition of organizational structure and characteristics of education and research of the universities under evaluation.

Training Programs for External Evaluators

To ensure reliable evaluation and accreditation based on professional and objective judgment, NIAD-QE provides evaluators with training programs that detail the purpose, content, and methods of CEA, so they can share a common understanding and perform their tasks in a fair, appropriate and smooth manner.

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