NIAD-QE conducts an annual questionnaire-based survey among institutions that have undergone CEA and ITA, and the committee members who have conducted evaluations, emphasizing evaluation methods; NIAD-QE then verifies the effectiveness and appropriateness of evaluations based on its findings from analysis of the results. Besides using the outcomes of this verification process to improve evaluation methods, NIAD-QE prepares reports on these outcomes and publishes them on its website. A verification report covers:

  • Effective and appropriate practices of the evaluation process and arrangements
  • Matters for improvement or continued discussion for further development of the evaluation framework
  • Samples of institutional actions where improvement is identified in the evaluation reports
  • Samples of NIAD-QE's actions in response to the question

Latest Verification Reports

Cycle Verification


The 1st cycle of NIAD-QE’s CEA involved 132 universities and 13 junior colleges. NIAD-QE produced a report regarding the 1st cycle of institutional certified evaluation and accreditation conducted in FY2005-2011 based on analyses of the evaluation results and annual surveys carried out by distributing a questionnaire to subject institutions and external evaluators.

National University Corporation Education and Research Evaluation

NIAD-QE verified the 1st medium-term objectives period evaluation conducted in FY2008 and published a report. It conducted a questionnaire survey of national university corporations and evaluators and analyzed the results, in order to improve the evaluation methodology ahead of the next evaluation.

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