NIAD-QE judges whether the university as an institution meets each of the 10 standards, and states reasons for its judgment. In the case where the university’s conditions meet the standards but require further improvement and/or where its good practices are identified, they are described in the final report.

A university judged to meet all 10 standards is given the status of a qualified institution, and conferred a certificate and logo (see the samples). If any one of the standards is not met, the university is judged as an unsatisfactory institution. These results are made public.

Results of CEA

The Results of Certified Evaluation and Accreditation are a comprehensive list of the results of CEA conducted by NIAD-QE including universities and colleges of technology.

For results of graduate law schools, please see a list of evaluated schools (NIAD-QE Brochure 2016-2017, p.37) and individual evaluation reports (Japanese language only) .

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