May to June
NIAD-QE outlines the framework and methods of institutional certified evaluation and accreditation.
End of September
NIAD-QE receives applications for evaluation from universities.
Academic year in which the evaluation process is conducted
Training programs for external evaluators
NIAD-QE conducts training programs for external evaluators as to the purpose, contents, methods, etc., of university evaluation.
End of June
Submission of the self-assessment report
The university conducts a self-assessment and produces a self-assessment report. The conditions of education and other activities at an institutional level, and, where appropriate, at the level of faculty, graduate school and institute, are analyzed and described in the self-assessment report for each of the ten standards in accordance with the accompanying explanatory clauses and viewpoints.
July to January
Document analysis and site visit
Document analysis is conducted on the university’s self-assessment report, along with documents, data and other materials collected by NIAD-QE. A site visit involves interviewing staff and students and inspecting facilities in order to scrutinize the university in greater depth and verify issues unresolved during the document analysis.
End of January
Notification of the draft of results
The subcommittees summarize the findings of the document analyses and site visits. The Committee reviews the summary to compile a draft of the evaluation results.
Statement of objection(s)
NIAD-QE considers it necessary to ensure that the evaluation process is accurate as well as transparent. In this context, NIAD-QE notifies the university of the draft of the evaluation results prior to their finalization in order to provide it with the opportunity to make remark(s) and/or objection(s).
In the case where an objection is lodged against a failing judgment, an examining panel is set up under the Committee to address this issue.
Finalization and publication of the evaluation results
After the examination, the evaluation results are finalized by the Committee. The results are published in the form of a final report, and are sent to the university and its founder. The process of CEA takes place once each academic year. Japanese academic year is April 1 – March 31.

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