The Standards for Evaluation and Accreditation of Universities comprise 10 criteria. They serve for evaluating universities concerning the general conditions of education, research and other activities, particularly educational activities. The Standards cover the various requirements that NIAD-QE considers universities should satisfy, including conformity with the School Education Law, the Standards for the Establishment of Universities and other related laws pertaining to universities.

  1. Mission of the University
  2. Teaching and Research Structure
  3. Academic Staff and Teaching Supporting Staff
  4. Student Admissions
  5. Academic Programs
  6. Learning Outcomes
  7. Facilities and Student Supports
  8. Internal Quality Assurance System of Teaching and Learning
  9. Finance and Management
  10. Public Information on Teaching and Learning

Each standard is accompanied by viewpoints. Viewpoints are reference points and example data to refer to when implementing self-assessment. NIAD-QE also refers to these viewpoints when judging whether or not an institution's performance meets the standards.

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