The NIAD-UE Open Seminar
'Aiming to Promote High Quality International Collaborations'

Japan - Europe Quality Assurance Seminar

- Progress of the Bologna Process and Initiatives
in the Netherlands and Environs -

13:00-17:15, Thursday 17 June 2010
Gakushi-Kaikan, Tokyo


What initiatives are currently necessary for the internationalization of quality-assured higher education in Japan?

In this seminar, we wish to gain new perspectives through hearing about various efforts in quality assurance in higher education regarding the case of the Netherlands, which has broad experience in the field of international collaboration in quality assurance, and the European Higher Education Arena, which this year marks a new chapter in the Bologna Process.

We would also like to deepen discussion of the challenges and future prospects presented by quality assurance with the aim of increasing high quality international inter-university exchange for the benefit of higher education in Japan.


News: NIAD-UE holds a MoU signing ceremony and Japan-EU QA seminar with NVAO and Nuffic (17 July 2010)

Seminar Program

13:00 Opening Remarks
Shin-ichi Hirano, D.Eng.(President, NIAD-UE)

A Few Remarks
Mr. Gerard Michels
(Minister Netherlands Embassy)

13:10 A few remarks
Mr. Shinjiro Komatsu
(Deputy Director-General, Higher Education Bureau, Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT))
13:25 Keynote Speech: 'International quality assurance -the Erasmus Mundus experience-'
Mr. William Aitchison
(Administrator of the International Cooperation and Programmes unit at the Directorate-General for Education and Culture in the European Commission - Programme Manager for Erasmus Mundus and for the Bilateral Cooperation with Japan and Korea-)

>>PowerPoint Document  |  Summary  |  Summary (Japanese-translated version)
14:05 Introduction of Presentations: 'Current trends in Quality-Assured International University Collaborations'
Dr. Akihiko Kawaguchi(Specially Appointed Professor, NIAD-UE)
14:10 Presentation 1: 'Internationalization of Higher Education: Europe's Vision and the Attitudes of the Netherlands and Flanders'
Dr. Karl Dittrich(Chairman, Accreditation Organisation of the Netherlands and Flanders: NVAO)

>>PowerPoint Document  |  Summary  |  Summary (Japanese-translated version)
14:50 Presentation 2: View on internationalisation by Nuffic'
Mr. Sander van den Eijnden(Director-General, Netherlands organization for international cooperation in higher education: Nuffic)

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15:45 Panel Discussion

Dr. Akihiko Kawaguchi(Specially Appointed Professor, NIAD-UE)

Mr. William Aitchison(European Commission)
Dr. Karl Dittrich(NVAO)
Mr. Sander van den Eijnden(Nuffic)
Mr. Akira Ninomiya(Director and Specially Appointed Professor, Hiroshima Study-Center, the Open University of Japan; Chairman, Working Group for University Internationalization, the Subdivision on Universities, Central Council for Education)
Dr. Kazuo Okamoto(Vice-President, NIAD-UE; Former Professor, University of Tokyo)

- Presentation by Mr. Ninomiya
>>Resume  |  Resume (English-translated version)

- Presentation by Dr. Okamoto
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- Discussion
17:10 Summary and Closing Remarks
Dr. Akihiko Kawaguchi(Specially Appointed Professor, NIAD-UE)


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