NIAD-UE held meetings with QAA in the UK, Nuffic (Netherlands Organization for International Cooperation in Higher Education) and NVAO (Netherlands-Flemish accreditation organization) in the Netherlands in July 2009. Vice-President Akihiko Kawaguchi, Professor Yuko Furukawa and two staff members from NIAD-UE attended.

On 30th June, a talk between QAA and NIAD-UE was held in London. At the meeting, representatives from our organization met with International Director Carolyn Campbell, to discuss future collaboration and cooperation by means of international workshops and information sharing projects on the basis of MOU. Information was also exchanged on the latest status of quality assurance of higher education in both countries. Agreement was reached regarding the promotion of future cooperation and development of this mutual beneficial relationship.

In the Netherlands, we visited two quality assurance agencies, Nuffic and NVAO. Nuffic, as the educational gateway to the Netherlands, provides scholarship programs, higher education information and international credential evaluations to international students. It is also a prominent proponent of international higher education cooperation.

NVAO is one of the world's leading accreditation organizations, responsible for both the Netherlands and the Flanders. It is also an active promoter of higher education, which presents information regarding quality assurance and accredited higher education in Europe. For example, see the Crossroads Project:

On 2 July, a talk between Nuffic and NIAD-UE was held in the Hague. We discussed future collaborative projects and proposed new projects, and surveys on international credential evaluation. Future collaborations between the two institutions were addressed and the direction of new collaborative projects between the two institutions was also discussed.

On the same day, a talk between NVAO and NIAD-UE was held. After the introduction of the institutional audits, which will begin in 2010 in the Netherlands, we discussed the learning outcome activities in NVAO and we exchanged views and opinions on future collaborations.

We were able to positively and concretely share ideas towards developing cooperation with each other, and the outcome of the meeting was very positive.

For details about the institutions we visited, please refer to the website below:

Meeting between Nuffic and NIAD-UE

Commemorative photo (NVAO and NIAD-UE)


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