The 2009 APQN (Asia-Pacific Quality Network) Conference and Annual General Meeting (AGM) was held in Hanoi, Vietnam through March 4th to 5th with over 270 participants from many parts of the Asia-Pacific region. As a full-member of APQN, NIAD-UE's Vice-President Dr. Akihiko Kawaguchi and four academic and administrative staffs participated in the Conference.

The Conference was consisted of General Meeting and four parallel working sessions in which case studies in each country/region were introduced and discussion were held.

In view of a worldwide trend of higher education, the Conference covered the diverse topics such as quality assurance of transnational and distant higher education, qualification frameworks, and internal quality assurance at higher education institutions. All of these topics are seen as specific to Asia-Pacific region with various geographical and cultural backgrounds.

NIAD-UE involved in two of the parallel working sessions. Dr. Takahiro Saito, Associate Professor of the Department of Research for University Evaluation, spoke on recent survey of management technique in Japanese higher education institutions under the title 'Finding the Best Path for Internal Quality Assurance: Pros and Cons of Management Techniques in Higher Education Institutions'.

In another session, Dr. Kawaguchi and three staffs of International Affairs and Coordination Division, made a presentation under the title 'Development of Information Package: To promote mutual understanding' to introduce its ongoing project. The key concept of the project is to develop a communication tool necessary for quality assurance agencies to enhance mutual understanding of differences from systems to language and backgrounds with overseas partners in order to ensure fruitful and effective cooperation across national and language boundaries. As a future plan of the project, NIAD-UE and United Kingdom's Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education (QAA) will co-organize a workshop next year in conjunction with the APQN 2010 Conference in Bangkok, Thailand.

The next Conference will be held in Bangkok, Thailand in March 2010. Further information about APQN is available at:


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