Certified by the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, NIAD-QE conducts Certified Evaluation and Accreditation (CEA) of universities, colleges of technology, and law schools.

NIAD-QE has compiled the results of institutional CEA conducted on universities in the academic year 2020 into an evaluation and accreditation report, notified the applicable universities and their founders of the results, and reported the results to the Minister.

All the universities for which CEA was conducted this time were found to be in conformity with the applicable laws and regulations, including the standards for the establishment of universities, and were deemed to have met the standards for evaluation and accreditation of universities established by NIAD-QE.

Evaluated Universities

[National University]
  • ・Akita University
  • ・Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology
  • ・Shinshu University
  • ・Osaka Kyoiku University
  • ・Nara Women’s University

[Public University]
  • ・Okinawa Prefectural College of Nursing

The results of institutional CEA conducted by certified evaluation and accreditation organizations, including NIAD-QE, are available on the Japan Network of Certified Evaluation and Accreditation Agencies (JNCEAA) website:



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