NIAD-UE has signed the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for cooperation with the Korean Council for University Education (KCUE). The KCUE is an agency that was established in 1982 under the Korean Council for University Education Act and plays a role in the development and promotion of higher education in Korea through various activities, such as university evaluation, as well as studies and information services concerning university examinations and curriculum formulation, studies in policy and databases on higher education, and training for persons concerned with universities. Korea has been preparing for the 3rd cycle of implementation of the University Accreditation Evaluation system since 2010, and universities have recently come to be required to disclose information and conduct self-evaluations, due to the revision of the Higher Education Act. In addition, the KCUE, which was previously a group consisting of members from universities, is now likely to be recognized as a national evaluation agency by the Korean government. In this way, various institutional reforms regarding university quality assurance have progressed in Korea.

The NIAD-UE held a signing ceremony for the MoU at the National Center of Sciences Building in Tokyo, prior to holding 'the 2nd Japan-China-Korea Quality Assurance Council' on August 19. President Shin-ichi Hirano of NIAD-UE, and Director Lee Young Ho of the KCUE Center for University Accreditation, and other main persons concerned from both sides attended the ceremony. At the beginning, President Hirano expressed his appreciation to those from the KCUE for all their support for the signing of the MoU, and wished for their continued cooperation between KCUE and NIAD-UE. Dr. Lee provided some remarks in response to President Hirano.

The collaborative activities started with the 2010 ASEM Accreditation International Seminar hosted by KCUE on 22 October in Seoul, where President Hirano was invited by the KCUE as a guest speaker.

The NIAD-UE intends to further strengthen its relationship with the KCUE through the Japan-China-Korea Quality Assurance Council and other opportunities.

Dr. Lee Young Ho (KCUE) and Shin-ichi Hirano, D.Eng. (NIAD-UE)


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