Some of NIAD-QE’s academic research projects are carried out in partnership with researchers from both within Japan and overseas, funded by grants-in-aid for scientific research. NIAD-QE’s current research projects include the following:

“Comparative study on objective/subjective evaluation of learning outcomes from higher education in Japan, Korea and Taiwan” (FY2019-2023)
“Research on the Outcomes-Based ASEAN Qualifications Reference Framework” (FY2020-2023)
“Research on System and Procedure of Internal Resource Allocation at German Universities” (FY2020-2023)
“Research on the innovative evolution of deep reinforcement learning based on the profit sharing principle and its application to real problems” (FY2021-2023)
“Organizational Sociology of the Formalization and Diffusion of Religious Culture into the Organizations of Japanese Religious Universities” (FY2021-2023)
“Visualization of “Evaluation Exhaustion” to reduce the burden of evaluation” (FY2022-2025)
“Empirical Research with Public Finance Data on Shifts in Public Higher Education Policies” (FY2022-2024)
“A study on the educational strategy of children of former Chinese students living in Japan” (FY2021-2023)
“The Impact of Immersive Theatrical Experience and Shogi Proficiency on Mindreading” (FY2023-2026)

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