The Committee for Certified Evaluation and Accreditation of Colleges of Technology holds deliberations about evaluations of the overall status of education and research at colleges of technology. The committee can have up to 20 members, each a college of technology president, professor, or a specialist with experience in society, economics, and culture.

NameCurrent Position
ISAMI HidenoriFormer President, National Institute of Technology, Tokuyama College
KAKUTA NoriyoshiExecutive Trustee, Vice President, TOYOHASHI UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY
KAYASHIMA NobukoAdvisor to the Executive Director, JICA Ogata Sadako Research Institute for Peace and Development
KYOYA MiyokoFormer Executive Planner, FUJITSU UNIVERSITY
GOTO MikaTokyo Institute of Technology, School of Environment and Society, Professor
SASAKI KenEmeritus Professor, The University of Tokyo
◎TANAKA EiichiProfessor Emeritus, Nagoya University
TOMIMORI YumikoSennan City Board of Education, Superintendent of Education
NAGASAWA ShigeruProfessor, Sanjo City University
HIHARA EijiSpecial Appointed Professor, NIAD-QE
FUKUSAKI ChihoProfessor, Chukyo University
○FUKUTOMI HiroshiSpecially Appointed Professor, Osaka University
MAKINO MitsunoriProfessor, Chuo University
MIYAZAKI KazuteruProfessor, NIAD-QE
MURATA KeijiFormer Principal/Chief Executive, Kindai University Technical College
MORINO KazuhiroFormer President, National Institute of Technology, Kure College
LI MinProfessor, NIAD-QE
WATANABE KazutoFormer President, Tokyo Metropolitan College of Industrial Technology
WADA YasuhiroExecutive Director/Vice President, Nagaoka University of Technology

(◎ Chairperson, ○ Vice-Chairperson)

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