1st Monitoring in Japan

Monitoring Reports (Published in 2014)

The full monitoring report created for each program contains an overall conclusion as well as results by criterion. The monitoring results for each criterion include 'initiative characteristics' and 'good practices' identified from the perspective of education quality. Comments from committee members regarding future challenges are also included in the report.

'CAMPUS Asia' pilot programs were in their third year in 2013 when the first monitoring was conducted and exchanges were well underway. Self-analysis reports covered providers' initiatives through the end of 2012 academic year (March 2013), but the monitoring committee also took the progress of exchange programs during the 2013 academic year into consideration when examining monitoring results.

Overview of the 1st 'CAMPUS Asia' Monitoring Results

Highlights include the overall conclusion and some good practices chosen from the pilot program as shown in the list below.

The filesize of each report is 20 to 420KB.
Monitored Program Providers and Program Name Partners Overview of Monitoring Report Summary of Self-Analysis Report
China Korea
The University of Tokyo
Beijing-Seoul-Tokyo Dual Degree Master’s Program on International and Public Policy Studies (BESETO DDMP)
Peking University Seoul National University
Tokyo Institute of Technology
TKT CAMPUS Asia Consortium
Tsinghua University KAIST
Hitotsubashi University
Asia Business Leaders Program (ABLP)
Peking University Seoul National University
National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies (GRIPS)
Northeast Asian Consortium for Policy Studies
Tsinghua University KDI School of Public Policy and Management
Nagoya University
Training Human Resources for the Development of an Epistemic Community in Law and Political Science to Promote the Formation of “jus commune” in East Asia
Renmin University of China
Tsinghua University Shanghai Jiao Tong University
Sungkyunkwan University
Seoul National University
Nagoya University and Tohoku University
A Cooperative Asian Education Gateway for a Sustainable Society: Expanding the Frontiers in Science and Technology of Chemistry and Materials
Nanjing University Shanghai Jiao Tong University POSTECH
Seoul National University
Kobe University
Program for Careers on Risk Management Experts in East Asia
Fudan University Korea University
Okayama University
Program for Core Human Resources Development: For the Achievement of Common Good and the Re-evaluation of Classical Culture in East Asia
Jilin University Sungkyunkwan University
Kyushu University
Cooperational Graduate Education Program for the Development of Global Human Resources in Energy and Environmental Science and Technology
Shanghai Jiao Tong University Pusan National University
Ritsumeikan University
Plan for a Joint Campus representing Korea, China and Japan which will foster leaders in East Asian humanities for the next generation
Guangdong University of Foreign Studies Dongseo University

'CAMPUS Asia' Monitoring on Quality Assurance -Collaboration among Japan, China, and Korea- Overview of the First Monitoring in Japan (2014)
Compiled by the 'CAMPUS Asia' Monitoring Committee of NIAD-UE

The overview of the first CAMPUS Asia monitoring in Japan which contains the monitoring results, summary of the monitoring report
by each program as well as a proposal from the monitoring student committee.