1st Monitoring in Japan

Monitoring Student Committee

Engaging Students in 'CAMPUS Asia' Monitoring

As part of the first monitoring in Japan, NIAD-UE established a 'CAMPUS Asia' Monitoring Student Committee to supplement the monitoring committee and subcommittees. The primary role of the student committee is articulating students' voices and providing feedback to the monitoring committee for the further enhancement of 'CAMPUS Asia'. One of the features of the monitoring process is including students in the external quality assurance of higher education.

Student Committee In order to enrich the quality and value of the programs for all students, the Student Committee held a workshop in December 2013 to collect views and opinions from participants in 'CAMPUS Asia' programs. A total of 19 Japanese, Chinese and Korean students who had studied or are now studying in monitored programs participated. Group work and general discussion produced the 'CAMPUS Asia' Proposal . Student representatives reported workshop results and proposals to the monitoring committee in January 2014.

Short film of the Student Committee Workshop for ‘CAMPUS Asia’ Monitoring (8:50)
Narrated by Ms. Motoi Takekawa, Graduate Student, Graduate School of Asia-Pacific Studies,
Waseda University (a participant of the Student Committee Workshop)