NIAD-UE provides information on various opportunities for lifelong learning in higher education. These services include the collection, research, analysis and dissemination of information. The Following is information currently provided as printed matters and/or PDF files through the website.

List of Universities Providing Auditing Student for Credit Accepting System

When applying for a bachelor's degree in Scheme I, it is essential that learners accumulate credits after obtaining a preliminary qualification. Since FY1992, NIAD-UE has been surveying auditing student for credit accepting system offered by universities. The results of the latest survey (FY2012) were published and can be accessed at the following website;
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List of NIAD-UE-Recognized Advanced Programs at Junior Colleges and Colleges of Technology

Credits that should be earned by learners after they obtain preliminary qualifications can be earned by using the abovementioned non-matriculated credit-based student system or advanced program of junior colleges or colleges of technology that were approved by NIAD-UE. Since FY1993, NIAD-UE has been surveying information about these approved courses offered by these colleges .The results of the latest survey were published and can be accessed at the following website;
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Nomenclature of Academic Degrees in Japan

NIAD-UE surveys the nomenclature of major fields stated on degrees awarded by Japanese universities in order to engage in research and supply information on degree systems in Japan. Survey results for FY2009 are posted on the following website;
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Moreover, the results of such surveys are suitably mentioned inResearch in Academic Degrees and Research on Academic Degrees and University Evaluation.

Research in Academic Degrees 

NIAD-UE published results obtained from research by presenting it in the form of research papers, research notes, etc., in the bullet in Research in Academic Degrees. A total of 18 issues of Research in Academic Degreeswere published, beginning with the first in 1993 and ending with the last in FY2003. Lists of theses appearing in Research in Academic Degrees and their content can be viewed at the following website;
(Japanese Version only)
In FY2004,Research in Academic Degreeswas reborn as the academic journal Research on Academic Degrees and University Evaluation by integrating it with Research in University Evaluation. The content of this journal can be viewed at the following website;
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