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Degrees Awarded in Scheme I

In response to diversified interests among learners in this age of lifelong learning, NIAD-UE awards Bachelor's degrees in the various major fields shown in the chart below. NIAD-UE makes additions as needed to the major classifications in each major field in response to changing trends and social needs for specialized
knowledge and learning. These additions are based on deliberations within the Committee of Validation and Examination for Degrees.

Major fields
Recipients of Degrees thus far

From the time NIAD-UE was established as a degree-awarding institution in FY1991 until FY2012, a total of 38,524 people had been awarded Bachelor’s degrees through this system.

For more information on degrees awarded in SchemeⅠ, please refer to the application guideAtarashii Gakushi e no Michi(Path to Receiving a Bachelor’s degree).

Atarashii Gakushi e no Michi can be viewed via the NIAD-UE website. A FAQ section pertaining to awarding of Bachelor’s degrees through this system (“Q&A on Awarding of Degrees”) has also been set up in the website.

Atarashii Gakushi e no Michi (Japanese Version Only)
Q&A on Awarding of Degrees(Japanese Version Only)

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