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Awarding of degrees

Scheme II

This scheme opens the way to get degrees for people who have completed courses established in educational institutions other than universities in Japan that are recognized by NIAD-UE as providing education equivalent to a university undergraduate program or a graduate school’s master’s or doctoral program.

Program Approval and Examination of Educational Conditions

After receiving applications from educational institutions, the NIAD-UE Committee of Validation and Examination for Degrees examines these applications with regard to educational programs, faculty organization, facilities and other aspects by considering regulations connected with the School Education Law, the Standards for the Establishment of Universities, and the Standards for the Establishment of Graduate Schools. Those the committee judges as being at the same level as university undergraduate programs or graduate school master’s/doctoral programs are recognized as offering education that is equivalent to these courses.
As a rule, NIAD-UE confirms that the above-mentioned level is being maintained by conducting an examination (review) of education conditions every 5 years.

Flow of the Scheme
* The expert committee overseeing the submitted thesis designates three or more members to conduct the examination. These members conduct theevaluation through verbal examination, etc.

Degrees Awarded in Scheme Ⅱ

Educational facilities other than universities that are recognized by NIAD-UE as well as the types of degrees awarded are presented below. Awarded degrees bear the name of the President of NIAD-UE.

Educational institution Degree type
Bachelor's degree Master's degree Doctoral degree
National Defense Academy of Japan Humanities, Social Sciences, Science, Engineering Science, Engineering, Security Studies ★ Science,Engineering,Security Studies
National Defense Medical College Medicine - Medical Science
National Fisheries University Fisheries Fisheries -
Japan Coast Guard Academy Science in Coast Guard Operations and Law Enforcement - -
Meteorological College Science - -
Polytechnic University Engineering, Science in Manufacturing Technologhy - -
National College of Nursing Nursing Nursing -
  ★ Referred to as “Social Sciences” until FY2002

Recipients of Degrees thus far

From the time NIAD-UE was established as a degree-awarding institution in FY1991 until FY2012, a total of 23,236 people had been awarded Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctoral degrees through this system.

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