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Awarding of degrees

Scheme Ⅰ
Awarding degrees to learners who have completed study at a junior college, a college of technology or a professional training college (Bachelor’s degree)

NIAD-UE awards bachelor's degrees to those using the non-degree student system at universities to pursue studies at the higher education level, after they have already completed a certain program of learning at a higher education institution, such as graduating from a junior college or college of technology, or successfully completing a course at a professional training college. This system makes it possible to link the diverse learning outcomes accumulated in accordance with the needs of each individual learner to the acquisition of a bachelor's degree. Applications are accepted twice a year, in April and October.

flow of the Scheme

Preliminary Qualifications

An applicant should meet any of the following preliminary qualifications.
○Completion of study at a junior college, a college of technology or a professional training college*
○Matriculation at university for two years or more with the acquisition of 62 or more credits
○Graduation from a former national institute for the training of engineering instructors
○Graduation from a former national institute for the training of nursing teachers
○Completion of 14 years or more of formal education in a foreign country (or countries)

★A professional training college whose graduates are eligible for transfer to a university, subject to Article 132 of the School Education Law.

Acquisition of credits

After obtaining a preliminary qualification, an applicant acquires credits to fulfill the prescribed requirements. When acquiring credits, an applicant is required to systematically complete study in a broad range of educational subjects as well as in areas of specialized knowledge in their field in a manner that is suitable for a Bachelor’s degree.

Presentation of learning outcomes

Based on knowledge and skill obtained throughout the study mentioned above, an applicant presents his/her learning outcomes in the form of a paper to submit to NIAD-UE. In case of Art major, learning outcomes may be, instead of a paper, in the form of a work of fine art or a recording of musical performance/music composition.


Based on the submitted learning outcomes, NIAD-UE conducts a short thesis examination for applicants who submitted a report or interview for applicants who submitted a work of fine art or a recording of music performance. Examinations will be held in June for applicants who applied for a degree in April, and in December for applicants who applied in October. Short thesis examinations are held in Sapporo, Tokyo, Osaka, Fukuoka, and Okayama (only in December) while interview examinations are held in Tokyo.

Evaluation at NIAD-UE

The Committee of Validation and Examination for Degrees evaluates the academic ability of applicants from the following two viewpoints through the expert committees. lf an applicant is judged to have been successful in both viewpoints, the Committee determines that the applicant is qualified for a Bachelor’s degree.
○Evaluation of acquired credits
○Evaluation of learning outcomes and examinations

Bachelor’s degree

Bachelor’s degrees bearing the name of the President of NIAD-UE are awarded to applicants judged to be qualified by the Committee of Validation and Examination for Degrees. Bachelor’s degrees are awarded by the end of September to persons who applied in April, and by the end of March to those who applied in October.

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