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NIAD-UE's Certified Evaluation and Accreditation

List of the Evaluated Institutions in 2008-2009

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1. Certified Evaluation and Accreditation of Universities: 11 Universities

[National Universities]
Utsunomiya University
Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology
Kyoto Institute of Technology
Kobe University

[Municipal/Prefectural Universities]
Akita International University
Kanagawa University of Human Services
Osaka City University
Onomichi University
Miyazaki Prefectural Nursing University

[Private Universities]
Japan College of Social Work
The Graduate Schools for the Creation of New Photonics Industries

2. Certified Evaluation and Accreditation of Junior Colleges: 2 Colleges

[Municipal/Prefectural Colleges]
Akita Municipal Junior College of Arts and Crafts
Ohtsuki City College

3. Certified Evaluation and Accreditation of Colleges of Technology: 2 Colleges

[Municipal/Prefectural College]
Kobe City College of Technology

[Private College]
Salesian polytechnic

4. Certified Evaluation and Accreditation of Law Schools: 16 Schools

[Schools in National Universities]
Law School, Tohoku University
The University of Tokyo, School of Law
Yokohama National University School of Law, International Graduate School of Social Sciences
Department of JD Program for Legal Practice, Graduate School of Law (Nagoya University Law School)
Kyoto University Law School
Department of Legal Practice, Osaka University Law School
Kobe University School of Law
Hiroshima University Law School
Kyushu University Law School

[Schools in Municipal/Prefectural Universities]
Tokyo Metropolitan University Graduate Schools of Law Professional Course in Law
Osaka City University Law School

[Schools in Private Universities]
Gakushuin University Professional School of Law Professional Course in Law
Meiji Law School
Kinki University Law School
Doshisha University Law School
Kobe Gakuin University Graduate School The Graduate Schools of Law Practices Major in Law Practices

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